Though this is Jason Brown’s first published novel, his writing ability and story telling would suggest he’s been doing this for years. The story is gripping and the characters are well developed, coming together in twisted suspenseful tale. There was not a dull moment or a predictable event from start to finish. I am very much looking forward to the next book.

-Eric Sheppard, Amazon Reviewer


Jason brown has mastered keeping you guessing throughout this suspenseful novel. Can’t wait for his next book.

Sheila Huff, Amazon Reviewer


Awesome storyline I couldn’t put the book down …GREAT READ!!!! I would recommend this 110%

-Pvs, Amazon Reviewer


Excellent storyline, engaging plot and character development. This is definitely one of the better books I’ve read lately. Strongly recommend and looking forward to reading another book from this author.

Tina, Amazon Reviewer


Amazing book!!! Loved every page.

-n.s, Amazon Reviewer


Jason W Brown delivers a gripping storyline infused with details that captivate the reader’s senses. I was left wanting more! This is a definite must-read.

Kathleen Coates, Amazon Reviewer


A real thriller. Couldn’t put it down.

-Norma Strother, Amazon Reviewer


I couldn’t put this book down. Jason does a great job at keeping you guessing, and when you think you have it all figured out, he throws you a curve ball. It’s beautiful the way he presents the pieces of the puzzle and then puts them together for you throughout. So suspenseful, very tastefully written. Jason draws you in, keeps you guessing, a few times I even got chills. Looking forward to his next book.

Daniel McClanahan, Amazon Reviewer


An intriguing read with great character development and twists and turns everywhere.

-Chris Smith, Amazon Reviewer